March 24 2018

Ewe… What’s That Floating Down the River?


No need to contact animal control, the two large sheep that you see floating down the Boston Harbor is part of a new installation by local artist, Hilary Zelson. Titled “Who Wears Wool,” the art display pays homage to the area’s former wool trade.

The sheep are made entirely of foam and packing peanuts, and are situated on top of a 12-by-12-foot artificial turf-covered floating dock. The larger sheep is 10 feet tall and 14 feet long, while the smaller sheep stands at 5 feet tall. The piece can be found floating down Fort Point between the Congress and Summer Street bridges.

The project was selected by the Fort Point Arts Community who had asked for artist proposals that best depicts the neighborhood’s history and culture. Original renderings and photos documenting the process can be seen on Zelson’s website.

The installation will be up for six weeks, so you better hurry and go see it. Otherwise, missing it would be baah-d news.

Photo credit: Hilary Zelson

Who Wears Wool