March 24 2018

November 2015

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Blue Man Group at the Charles Playhouse

The Blue Man Group is one of the most innovative shows to come to off-Broadway within the past 20 years. The production has won numerous awards, and is loved by people of all ages worldwide. Currently playing at the Charles Playhouse, the Blue Man Group continues to captivate audiences through…

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Boston Career Forum 2015

For those in the Massachusetts area the Boston Career Forum from November 20th (Fri.) to 22nd (Sun.), 2015 is a chance to meet with Japanese companies looking to hire at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center There a few things you need to know however, as you will be working…

Destination Parking

Get into Shape for the Holidays

Turkey, pie, mashed potatoes, and cookies…the holidays can take a toll on our stress levels and diets. To minimize the damage on your health and weight, try hitting the gym to get into shape for the holidays. Here are some local Boston gyms to help you stay on track for…